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Simple Bed


Simple Bed is a solid bed with a modern-looking form. The use of a natural material, which is hard wood, ensures durability and longevity of the furniture. The fact that the bed is made with great care for every detail guarantees that the furniture will serve for many years without losing its value.

Specifications of the design:
Offered material: solid oak and ash wood.
Oak and ash Inner width beneath the mattress:160,180,200cm
Inner length beneath the mattress: 200cm
Frame height above the ground: 73cm
Clearance under the bed: 12cm
Leg thickness: 25cm
Bed frame thickness: 3cm
Reinforcement: central beam
Assembly time: 10 min

Simple Bed
Simple Bed

160x200           1700 € (Oak)

180x200          1800 € (Oak)

200x200         1800 € (Oak)

Bed in white colour: 50€ is added to the price
The bed price includes:  bedside tables
Delivery time: 6 to 8 weeks

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