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Romantica Bed

Romantica Bed

The bed has been created with the idea to combine unconventional classics with a modern interior design. The bed is made of native oak wood with the option of selecting white colour. Offered wood options: oak and ash.

Specifications of the design:
Offered material: solid oak and ash wood.
Oak and ash Inner width beneath the mattress: 160,180,200cm
Inner length beneath the mattress: 200cm
Frame height above the ground: 100cm
Clearance under the bed: 21cm
Leg thickness: 15cmx15cm
Bed frame thickness: 3cm
Reinforcement: central beam
Assembly time: 10 min

Romantica Bed
Romantica Bed

160x200               1850 € (Oak)
                                   1750 € (Ash)

180x200               1950 € (Oak)
                                   1850 €(Ash)

 200x200              1950 € (Oak)
                                   1850 € (Ash)

Bed in white colour: 50€ is added to the price
The bed price includes: bedside tables
Delivery time: 6 to 8 weeks

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